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A couple using DIY packing tips while packing boxes for their move.

DIY Packing Tips

Are you preparing for an upcoming trip or moving to a new place? Packing efficiently can save you time, money, and stress. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or moving enthusiast, mastering the art of packing is a valuable skill. With these do-it-yourself (DIY) packing tips and checklist, you’ll be ready to tackle any packing challenge that comes your way.

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Winter moving tips. A home in the winter.

Winter Moving Tips

Moving is a difficult task no matter what time of the year, but it is especially intimidating in the winter. Freezing temperatures, slick ice, and snowy roads all make a complex process even more difficult than it already is. It can be hard to avoid all of winter’s factors during a move. But some can be made easier with preparation and organization. Here are ten winter moving tips to help your move go smoothly.

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nice house

Home Moving Timeline

Every move is different, and we understand this isn’t possible for everyone in every circumstance.

But if at all possible, you should start planning your move at least two months ahead of the date you would like to actually move. Plan to begin your first moving-related tasks eight weeks prior to your move date.

Here is a bi-weekly timeline to help you prepare and organize you through the entire moving process.

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