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Customized Fulfillment Solutions

Our team is well organized and efficient when managing your inventory and delivering it to your customers on time, every time. Lile Relocation Services can keep your distribution running smoothly. We can deliver large or small orders. Our fulfillment services ensure the quickest and most reliable means of order delivery. We can integrate your order processing inventory management and provide pick/pack services and transportation management into a single source fulfillment solution for your business. 

Advantages of using Lile Relocation Services for your fulfillment:

  • Reduce labor costs. Shed your labor costs. Let our professionally trained employees work for you.
  • Eliminate warehousing expenses. Eliminate the risk of getting locked into a long-term lease. We can provide short or long-term warehousing solutions for your inventory.
  • Get up and running fast. Our logistics team can quickly build the necessary pick and pack paths. At the same time, we are setting up a pricing structure while our operations team works with you to achieve a fast, seamless transition.
  • Ease the burden of administrative red tape. Focus on what you do best and leave the inventory control, vehicle maintenance, driver compliance, and OSHA compliance to Lile.

Warehouse Management System Overview (WMS)

Lile Relocation Services provides a real-time inventory management system using an in-house web-based tool explicitly tailored to asset management and the needs of our commercial storage and distribution customers.
Complete real-time inventory is provided via Lile’s secure inventory management system. In addition to providing access to inventory levels and status 24 hours a day, location transfers and outbound shipments can be accessed remotely at our customer’s convenience.
Featuring a fully integrated warehouse, transportation, and order management system, this solution offers Lile’s commercial customers a host of services and supply chain integration opportunities.
Some of the benefits for our customers include:
Inventory Control
  • Significantly increased accuracy of inventory levels.
  • More rapid notifications of receipts and shipments
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Advanced EDI and other integration capabilities
  • Immediate receipt of goods into the system
  • Immediate notification on receipt available via email
  • Improved notation of OSD (Over, Short, or Damaged) materials
  • Receipt documentation available via web immediately after scanning
  • Real-time inventory levels available at all times
  • A complete history of receipts and shipments
  • All shipment and receipt paperwork is available for viewing immediately after processing.
  • Custom inventory management reports

Sophisticated EDI and web service interfaces provide a robust backend for communication between Lile, our customers, and their suppliers. At the same time, bar-coding, RFID capabilities, and advanced labor tracking capabilities will work together to provide your company with even greater flexibility and the utmost in service.

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