Winter Moving Tips

10 Tips for Moving in the Winter

Winter is here! Moving is a difficult task no matter what time of the year, but it is especially intimidating in the winter. Freezing temperatures, slick ice, and snowy roads all make a complex process even more difficult than it already is. It can be hard to avoid all of winter’s factors during a move. But some can be made easier with preparation and organization. Here are ten winter moving tips to help your move go smoothly and as stress-free as possible. 

Plan ahead

Planning is critical, especially when snow or ice is in the weather forecast. Contact the utility providers at your new home to set up your heat and electricity before your move-in (preferably a few days before you move into your new home).
If you are driving a long distance, make an appointment to service your car. Check your car’s tires for proper inflation. Make sure to load extra winter supplies in your vehicle. The winter supplies could include warm blankets, gloves, windshield scrapers, shovels, and rock salt or cat litter. Don’t forget to pack snacks, water bottles, and cell phone chargers.

Check the weather forecast

Check the weather every few days leading up to your move, and then every day the week your move. By keeping an eye on the weather, you will not be surprised about a winter storm headed your way. If you are concerned about a blizzard shutting down roads, call your moving company to express your concern. It’s better to reschedule than get stuck in a snowstorm. 

Cover your floors

The last thing you want to do is trail mud and snow into your old home. Avoid this by having all your items packed and ready in the garage or the front of your home. Preserve your floors and prevent slips with makeshift mats or put down sturdy cardboard. Place them at the entrance to your home and other potentially hazardous spots. Make sure you keep all your moving helpers safe from slipping and falling.

Make arrangements for your pets

Pets might be better off staying with family, friends, or a pet daycare the day of your move. Moving day means many trips in and out of the house. Therefore there will be open doors and a chance your pet may runoff. It is better to keep them safe and out of the way during your move. 

Protect your belongings

A winter move can mean freezing temperatures and snow. After taping up your boxes, place them in trash bags or some protective wrap to keep your moving boxes from getting wet. 

Protect your electronics

Pack all electronics into their original packaging if you still have them. If not, pack all your electronics into one or two boxes, and take them with you to your new house. Taking your electronics with you will keep them at a warm, steady temperature. 

Be flexible

Moving is already stressful. Adding winter weather to the mix can add more possible complications to the event. Listen to your moving companies’ concerns. If roads are snow-covered or icy, it may be safer to delay your move until road conditions improve. You don’t want to risk the safety of the moving crew or all of your possessions. 

Prep your home for moving day

Make sure your movers have easy access to your home before they arrive for moving day. So you may need to shovel your driveway and any walkways to and from the moving truck. Place cardboard by the front door to prevent slippage.  

Double pack fragile items

Delicate and fragile items may become more brittle in cold weather. Consider double packing these items to protect them from the winter elements. If you have belongings that shouldn’t be in cold or wet conditions. Take these items with you.

Hire a professional moving company

Waiting to move in the winter can be pretty smart. Winter is usually the off-season for the moving industry. You will have a broader range of dates to choose from for your move. Since winter weather can be unpredictable, hiring a professional moving company is essential. Professional movers have the expertise and equipment you need for a smooth and stress-free move during the winter months.

Moving in the winter months does not have to be as hard as it sounds. You can make it an ideal move with some forethought and preparation despite the weather. We hope our winter moving tips will help you.

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