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Office Build Out Checklist

Office Build-Out Checklist

Turn your empty office space into an inspiring work-friendly environment. You want to make the workspace as efficient as possible while trying to promote your corporate identity. Our list will guide you through the process of all the areas you need to address for a smooth office build-out.

Our Office Build-Out checklist will highlight essential areas you should consider during the build-out process. The more prepared you are, the smoother the project will go. This can also mean less time to get the job done, saving you time, money, and stress!

Set a Budget 

Create an office build-out budget. It would be best if you considered everything for the project. Do you need to store old office furniture and equipment? How much are all the modifications I want for my office? Contact an office relocation company to help with the process.

Create a Project Timeline

Set a timeline for the build-out project once you have a budget in place. Use our Office Moving Timeline to help develop your build-out schedule. This can help keep your project on track. 

Hire a Design Team

You will need to hire a space planner, interior designer, architect, and general contractor that can work together to set project goals. They will carry out the office build-out project and ensure it stays on budget and remains on schedule. Don’t forget to hire a professional moving company that can store your existing furniture or new furniture until it is ready to be placed in your renovated space. 

During the Project

Remain in constant contact with your team. That way, if an issue arises, a solution can be put in place quickly, keeping you on schedule. 

After Project Support

Once the office space is finished, there are often minor adjustments that may need to be made. These tweaks can help create a more comfortable atmosphere for your office staff. Your design team should make these alterations and make sure you are happy with the completed project.

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