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We are a trusted name in the relocation industry, offering a wide range of high-quality services from residential and commercial moving to logistics and warehousing solutions. Among the many services we offer is our White Glove Delivery Services, a premium service that we offer when shipping products or items require extra attention than regular packages due to their size, fragility, or value.

If you are looking for white glove services, it is essential you find a company that specializes in the service. At Lile Relocation Services, we have the expertise and knowledge to handle white glove delivery services in the Pacific Northwest. 

What are White Glove Delivery Services:

White glove service refers to the premium assistance the delivery industry provides – typically for courier services and last-mile delivery. For example, while standard delivery may involve transporting products to a customer’s doorstep, white glove delivery may also include taking the product up a flight of stairs, unpacking it, and installing it. As such, the product(s) receives special attention,  which minimizes the risk of damage to the items.

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Essential Components of White Glove Delivery Services


Lile offers pre-inspection and post-inspection before assembling your products. This process is critical if a product needs a unique configuration during installation.

Top-notch Service

White glove delivery services is are specialty. Our drivers and moving team have the training and equipment to ensure a quick and safe delivery.

Proper Handling

Our delivery crew can handle your products with top-notch care throughout the process. We provide delivery services while considering all specific details.

Protective Packaging

Lile uses high-quality packaging materials such as bubble wrap, wooden crates, mover wraps, cardboard, packing peanuts, and more. Additionally, we adhere to the highest standards to ensure your product is protected before and during transit.

Product Assembly and Dismantling

If you need product assembly or dismantling services, our delivery experts will transport your products to the location they need to be unpacked and then load them back safely.

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Type of Products that Benefit Our Delivery Services

Electronics: These items are subject to damage if not handled properly. Electronic assets that need safe delivery include computers, laptops, video equipment, and computer accessories. 

Medical and Lab Equipment: These items include X-ray machines, CT Scan machines, MRI machines, Ultrasound equipment, and other fragile medical tools.

Furniture and Appliances: Items like refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, office desks, sofas, hot tubs, and much more. 

Lile Relocation Services | Logistics Specialists

Lile Relocation Services is the industry leader with over 65 years of experience. Furthermore, we can provide your company with customizable white-glove services that meet your company’s unique requirements. 

Find out more about our white-glove delivery or other logistics services by contacting us at 888-507-6304 or filling out our commercial services quote form. We will be happy to assist you and provide you with the support your commercial project needs. 

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White Glove Delivery

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