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Tips for Moving With Pets

Moving with Pets: Tips for Success

Everyone knows moving is stressful for people. But the chaos of moving boxes, packing tape, and movers being in their space, you might not realize how stressed your pets are feeling during this time. Creating a moving plan will help you worry less during the relocation transition process, and it can make moving happier for everyone, even your pets. Please read on for tips for moving with pets to a new home that will help make the transition for them as safe and easy as possible, especially if you are moving your pets across the country.

Packing Up Your Home

Start packing early; that way, your pets can get used to being around boxes and packing supplies. Some pets will even have fun playing in and around boxes or playing with balls of packing tape. Conditioning your pets ahead of time can help reduce their stress levels as moving day approaches. 

Prepare an Overnight Bag for Your Pets

When preparing an overnight bag for you and your family for the first few nights in your new home, you should also pack an easily-accessible overnight bag for your pets. To sustain your pets for a few days, pack enough pet food, cat litter, favorite toys, water bowls, and blankets. Don’t forget to pack paper towels and disposable bags for unexpected clean-ups. 

Talk to Your Vet

If you are moving a long distance, get your pet’s records and any medications they need before moving. The vet will be able to give you tips on how to keep your pet calm on moving day and can also recommend any calming supplements if needed.  Furthermore, don’t forget to set up a veterinarian appointment in your new neighborhood. 

Keep them preoccupied on moving day.

When moving day finally arrives, it’s essential to keep your pets away from the action for safety and to reduce their stress levels. If possible, set up arrangements for your family or friends to watch your pets on the big day. Keep them in a quiet room or closet away from the movers if asking friends or family isn’t possible. Tell the movers where your pets are located, so they don’t accidentally go into that room. Or put a sign on the door letting everyone know that your pet is in that room. 

When moving with your pets a long distance or across the country, plan for pet-friendly accommodations

When traveling a long distance for your move, remember to book accommodations at pet-friendly hotels or wherever you are staying. Check out popular travel websites and narrow down your search to pet-friendly locations. 

If you are moving your pet by air or internationally, check all rules and regulations before your move, and remember to keep your pet’s records on hand.

Getting Your Pet Adjusting After Moving to Your New Home

Gradually introduce your pets to their new home. Some pets will want to be adventurous and explore their new surroundings. However, other pets may need to take their time to adjust to their new home. It would help keep them separate in a room with their food, water, favorite toys, and litter box. After a couple of days, they should become familiar with their new home’s new smells and sounds. Don’t forget, after the move, to update their tags or microchip information to your new address and phone number. 

Explore the New Neighborhood

Help your dog get familiar with their new surroundings by taking them on frequent walks around your new neighborhood. And for cat owners, set them up a spot in front of a window to enjoy the view outside their new home. 

Resources for Moving with Pets

The following links are to websites that you may find helpful when moving with your pets.

Moving with pets across the country or even locally can be stressful. Not only do you need to think of your needs, but you need to be mindful of your pet’s needs during the moving process. You can guarantee a seamless moving transition with your furry friends if you prepare yourself by planning ahead for moving your pets to a new home.

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