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What is Peak Moving Season?

Peak Moving Season

Peak moving season refers to the period during the year when the demand for moving services reaches its highest point. Typically occurring during the warmer months, from late spring through summer. Usually from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It is a time when countless individuals and families tend to start preparing to move, both local and long-distance. Several factors contribute to the surge in moving activities during this season. With the increase in demand for moving companies, since a moving company’s availability tends to decrease, this can increase prices. This article will discuss why peak moving season happens and what it can mean for your move. 

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Why Peak Moving Season Happens

There are many reasons why peak moving season occurs from May to September. Here are some of the most common reasons why peak moving season happens.

  • It is the perfect time for many families with school-aged children because the school year is over. Many families put off moving until summer instead of interrupting their kid’s academics during the school year. They wait until the school year is over to move their family.
  • Weather also plays a factor for most people (especially those who live in colder climates with snow). Many people will take advantage of the warmer weather and move when it is nicer outside. Moving can be stressful, so why make it harder on yourself by moving in the winter?
  • The real estate market often experiences an increase in activity during this time. Prompting homeowners to seize the opportunity for selling or buying homes and initiating relocations.
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What Moving During "Peak Season" Could Mean for You

What peak moving season means to you is that prices will go up as availability goes down for moving companies. During these months, there is so much more demand that moving companies can often be booked weeks in advance. However, Lile Relocation Services has you covered with some tips and tricks on how to deal with peak moving season. 

  • Schedule your move-out/in date as early as you can. We recommend you book at least two months in advance for any type of move. Even if you are moving to a different apartment in the same complex, you should book as early as possible. Booking months in advance can help guarantee you the best price for moving your belongings.
  • Weekends are usually high-demand days during peak moving season. If you would like to save a little moving, book early and schedule your move on a weekday.

Be Flexible During Peak Moving Season

Being flexible during peak moving season is crucial to ensure a smoother relocation process. With the high demand for moving services, preferred moving dates and specific services may become limited. Flexibility allows you to adapt to available options, secure a reputable moving company, and potentially benefit from cost savings or more favorable moving schedules. 

In Conclusion | What is Peak Moving Season?

In conclusion, peak moving season represents the busiest time of the year for the moving industry, occurring during the warmer months from late spring through summer. The surge in demand for moving services is influenced by favorable weather conditions, the end of the academic year, and increased real estate activity. During this period, flexibility becomes essential to secure desired moving dates and services, ensuring a more efficient and successful relocation process for individuals and families.
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