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Tips to Reduce Moving Stress

How to Reduce Your Moving Stress

Everyone knows that preparing for a move can be one of the most stressful times in your life. If you identify the stress factors associated with moving early, you can reduce moving stress. You can do several things to help reduce your stress level during the moving process. We have created this list of tips to reduce moving stress to help you with your next move. 

Key moving stressors include:

Money. Moving is expensive, and most people don’t know how much your move will cost.

Time. Moving takes time, from packing to unpacking, and everything in between can be a time crunch.  

Uncertainty. Moving can cause anxiety about the future. You may question if moving is the right decision. 

Life Disruption. Moving not only causes uncertainty, but it takes you out of your comfort zone. You could be moving away from friends, family, and a support system that helps you through your everyday routine. 

Now that we have identified some moving stressors. Let’s see how we can use de-stressing techniques to keep our anxiety levels within reasonable limits during your upcoming move.

Here are some helpful tips to reduce moving stress:

Stay organized

The solution is simple enough, stay organized. But how do you do that? Create a detailed plan. Check out our moving checklist and timeline. It will give you an idea of what tasks you need to take care of before moving. Remember to set deadlines and benchmarks to reach. Remember to label your boxes as you pack. Following this tip will make it easier to locate items when you are ready to unpack in your new home.

Give yourself enough time

Moving can be very verve-wrecking. Your mind is in overdrive, telling you there are “Too many things to do + not enough time.” The best way to reduce the stress of moving is to give yourself enough time to complete every step of the process. It’s never too early to start your moving plan. If possible, start your moving preparations eight weeks before the day you move. Use is time to create a moving plan from start to finish. 

Start small

Tackle little tasks first. Those little tasks will add up quickly to bigger things. Start by packing a drawer or a bookshelf instead of tackling your entire kitchen. Making any progress is still progress. It can help with the management of your stress level before you move. 

Be willing to downsize

Moving is the best time to get rid of some of that clutter. Start planning early for your move and decide what belongings you will take with you. Leave enough time to have a garage sale to sell your unwanted items or donate them to a local charity. The fewer items you have may mean less weight and time required to pack your belongings. This tip can save you money. 

Keep your valuables with you

A great way to reduce moving stress is to take your small valuable items with you during the move. Never give movers valuable items such as jewelry, electronics, cash, keys, etc. Anything that you can carry yourself with sentimental or monetary value should stay with you. The movers will handle your valuable items like antique furniture or a piano. Remember to ask the moving company about their moving protection plan. That way, your belongings are covered if something unforeseen happens. 

Steal some time for yourself

Some moving stress is unavoidable. Remember not to burn yourself out during the moving process. Set realistic goals each day, and treat yourself when you reach your goal. Don’t let yourself get frustrated. If you get overwhelmed, take a break and return to the task when you are in the right mindset. A little relaxation time can help you be more productive the next day.

Hire a professional moving company

If you can make room for it in your budget, the best way to reduce stress is to hire a professional moving company. Movers can help you with the heavy lifting on moving day, but they can also help you pack and unpack your belongings. Hiring a professional moving company can reduce your workload and your stress level. Just make sure to hire a moving company with a proven reputation for reliable and trustworthy service. 

Unpack quickly to help settle into your new home

When you arrive at your new home, you should immediately start the unpacking process. Moving is stressful because it’s disruptive to your everyday routine. The sooner you unpack and get everything into its new space, the sooner you will feel comfortable in your new surrounding. This tip can also reduce your anxiety about whether moving was the right decision. So you can begin adjusting to your new environment (new home, new job, new community) immediately upon moving in.

If you follow these eight simple tips to reduce moving stress, your move can be a more enjoyable experience. 

Lile is here to help make your move go as stress-free as possible. Contact us to set up your No-cost moving survey at 888-507-6304 or fill out our online quote form.

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