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Tips for Shipping Your Car

Shipping Your Car for a Long Distance Move

When you are planning a move, there are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration. Are you going to hire professional movers? Do you want to pack and unpack your boxes, etc.? Another thing to consider is how you will move your car to your new home. Especially if you are planning a move across the country and don’t want to drive it yourself. Please read our tips on shipping your car across the country for a long-distance move. 

Should you ship your car or drive it?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. Many factors come into play when deciding to ship or drive. So, before you choose to either ship your car across the county or drive it yourself, think about the following:
  • Driving distance – how far are you driving? Make sure to map out the route you want to take to determine the quickest and safest route to take. After you map your route you can check out roadside amenities, fuel stops, hotels, and restaurants along the way. Adding up your costs can help determine your budget and allow you to see if shipping your car might be the cheaper choice. 
  • Time of Year – Road conditions can be drastically different depending on what time of year you are moving. Obviously, moving in the winter can be challenging. Planning is critical for any move, but adding in winter ice/snow storms can add to the stress of moving. Winter road conditions pose a risk to the safety of both you and your car and can also cause significant delays to your trip. In this case, shipping your car across the country may be the more convenient and safer option. 
  • Time Lost – To drive yourself across the country, you should allow yourself at least four days. Driving across the country could be a fun trip for you and your family, but shipping your car may be a better option if you are in a time crunch. You can choose to fly to your new home and save yourself a few days of travel. 
  • Expenses – Having your car shipped may be a cheaper option than driving. Especially when you consider all the costs of driving across the country. Hotels, gas, and food are just some of the expenses that can add up during your trip. 

Get a Shipping Quote 

Moving your car from state to state starts with a shipping quote. When hiring a shipping company, you should get multiple estimates from a few different companies. Therefore, you will find a car shipping company that fits your budget for a long-distance move.  

Prepare Your Car for Shipping Across the Country

You should prepare your car for the shipping process. Here are six things to do to get your car ready to be picked up by the car shipping company.
  1.  Wash your car
  2. Clean the inside of your car
  3. Check tire pressure
  4. Remove any custom accessories
  5. Lock your car
  6. If possible, disable your car alarm

Schedule a time for your car to be picked up

Shipping your car across the country can be stressful, with all the unknowns about getting your car to your new home. Once you find a shipper you can trust, they will give you a pickup window for your car. Once the carrier driver is at your home, they will do a detailed inspection of the vehicle. 

Receiving your vehicle 

Moving your car across the country is not a quick process. Furthermore, the auto transport carrier trucks are not fast. Some carriers may not be able to deliver your car to your new home’s address. If this is the case, you will need to set up an alternative location to receive your vehicle. When your car is delivered, you and the driver will do another inspection to note if there are any new damages. A car being damaged in transit is an infrequent occurrence. When you take delivery of your car, you will need to pay the driver. Most payments are made cash on delivery (COD). If you need an alternative payment method, discuss it with the transportation company before pickup. 

How much does it cost to ship a car across the country?

The following factors determine shipping charges:

  • Distance your car is shipping
  • Vehicle type (model, make, height, length, etc.)
  • The car’s condition
  • Type of transport (door-to-door, terminal, or expedited shipping)
  • Time of year
  • Pick up and drop off locations

How long will it take to ship my car across the country?

The distance your car travels from origin to destination determines the time frame. You can expect, with no unforeseen issues shipping your car across the country to take between 10-14 days. Many variables are in play when moving your car across the country, so these are just estimates. A shipment traveling between 1,000 and 1,500 miles will take about 2-3 days. The total delivery time also depends on weather, traffic, and rules and regulations that govern truck drivers. In any case, shipping your car will take longer than driving it yourself. On the other hand, you can enjoy a stress-free shipping experience and attend to other essential tasks that come with moving across the country. 

We hope these tips on shipping your car across the country when you move will help you make a more informed decision about the process. If you have any questions about the best option for your cross-country move, talk to one of our moving specialists. They will help you create a plan for getting all of your belongings to your new home. Contact us at 888-507-6304 or fill out our online quote form to set up your FREE moving survey. 

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