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Tips for Moving Elderly Parents

Moving Elderly Parents: Easing the Transition

Moving is a stressful process at any age. But when you are a senior or someone moving their elderly parents, moving can add an emotional perspective to the planning process. Sorting and dividing up a lifetime of items can bring back old memories. Whether they are moving to a retirement community, an assisted living center, or moving in with you, it’s essential to ensure their transition goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible. If you’re a senior or have an elderly parent(s) who needs to move, please read our tips for moving elderly parents. We have created this checklist for moving elderly parents to help reduce stress when moving aging parents

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Transitioning to Senior Living: Can a Professional Moving Company Assist with Furniture Downsizing? Moving Elderly Parents. Son helping his mom pack moving boxes.

Develop a Moving Plan | Moving Your Elderly Parents

Creating a plan is key to any successful move. Developing a timeline for every task will keep you on track throughout the moving process. When moving elderly parents or if you are a senior planning a move, being organized is the best way to reduce stress before moving. Many experts recommend exploring options a year or so before the move occurs. 

Downsize with Empathy

Relocating an elderly parent from a home filled with precious memories can be challenging. In most cases, downsizing means they will have to leave many things behind before they move. Start the moving process early by decluttering items that won’t be needed in their new home. It’s not just about getting rid of stuff. It’s about being sensitive to the memories that the items hold. Therefore, you’ll need to help them balance sentimentality with practicality. Ask them to name a few things they hold dearly and not necessarily what’s most valuable. Place these items in a “keep” area. These items may need to be adjusted throughout the process, but following this tip can help reduce stress before a move. 

Prepare the New Space

Many seniors move because they need to downsize. Sometimes this means moving from a house into a retirement community or an assisted living center. Wherever that next home is, it’s important to research it ahead of time. What type of community is it? What activities do they offer their residents? Who will be your neighbors? 
You will want to ensure the new space is ready to accommodate your parent’s needs. Several fixes may include: installing an electric stair lift, plugging in night lights, installing a walk-in bathtub or adding a stool to an existing bathtub, installing safety rails inside the tub, and placing a ramp outside the front door, to name a few quick fixes. 
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Take Things One Step at a Time

Start with a small space like the bathroom or guest bedroom: these rooms are likely to contain items with fewer memories attached to them. You will be able to finish a few rooms quickly, thus easing into the moving process with a feeling of accomplishment. Offer to help them sort through their belongings and place things in different categories. Label boxes with “move,” “sell,” “donate,” and “give away” with a sticky note. Get their buy-in about any decisions and avoid using terms like “You don’t need that.” Following this tip for moving elderly parents will help them feel a part of the process and that they are making decisions about their belongings. 

Arrange Travel Ahead of Time

When moving your elderly parent(s), there will be quite a few things to consider when it comes to travel. The health of your loved one and any mobility issues will significantly influence how you move them. For flying, call ahead to request a wheelchair service to get your parent(s) to the airplane. If driving, be sure your car is easily accessible for your elderly parent. 

Hire a Professional Moving Company to Help Move Your Aging Parent 

Although moving an elderly parent or loved one will have its specific challenges, our moving checklist is a valuable tool to help you prioritize your tasks during the moving process. Also, when hiring a professional moving company, they can help you through the process of moving your aging parent(s). Check out our other blogs for moving timeline, packing advice, money-saving tips, and additional helpful information to assist you through the moving process. 

Lile Relocation Services specializes in stress-free senior moves. If you are a senior or you need help moving your elderly parents, contact us today at 888-507-6304 or fill out our online residential moving services quote form to set up your FREE moving survey. 

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