Office Moving Timeline

Office and Business Moving Timeline

Office moving can be very stressful. Nothing is simple about moving an entire team or department of employees. Much less having to figure out how to move your high-value equipment, electronics, furniture, and workstations. 

Proper planning and organization are key to having an office move go off smoothly and efficiently. Reducing your downtime as much as possible. We provide an office moving timeline checklist as a resource you can follow to help reduce the stress of your office move. 

Organize Move Team (1 to 2 years before the move)

  • Assemble a “Moving Team” from a cross-section of the company
  • Develop a preliminary budget and get approval to proceed
  • Identify primary concerns
  • Coordinate and plan the project

Real Estate (1 to 2 years before moving)

  • Select broker and evaluate possible locations
  • Develop an office space plan with an architect
  • Hire a contractor for tenant improvements

Telecommunications (6 to 12 months before moving)

  • Select your system hardware and software
  • Contract with voice and data cablers
  • Install system and conduct user training

Computer Systems (6 to 12 months before moving)

  • Evaluate future requirements
  • Develop shutdown schedule for the move
  • Schedule IT technicians for installation and system testing

Furniture (6 to 12 months before moving)

  • Conduct detailed existing furniture inventory review
  • Solicit proposals and select a furniture system for your new office
  • Deliver and install furniture

Moving Companies (3 to 6 months before moving)

  • Prepare RFP, interview, and select a professional moving company
  • Conduct pre-move planning program
  • Work with professional moving company to create an effective plan of action for your office move

Office Services (60 to 90 days before moving)

  • Evaluate office equipment, services, and procedures
  • Order new office supplies with the new address
  • Send move notices and change of address 
  • Develop systems for servicing the new site

Contingency Planning (15 to 30 days before moving)

  • Verify insurance coverages
  • Develop a list of key vendors, contacts, and phone numbers
  • Coordinate vendor schedules
  • Back-up equipment and other services you have arranged

Lile is a partner of the Office Moving Alliance (OMA)


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