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Tips For Moving With Kids

10 Tips for Moving with Kids

Regardless of their age, moving with kids can be a challenging event. It can be a change for everyone in the family. No matter the distance or the reason for the move, here are some tips for moving with kids that can help the transition to your new home. 

Get a Head Start 

Get started with your move at least a month before your estimated moving date. Start your moving plan early. To give yourself plenty of time to get everything in place. Get an early start hiring a moving company and buying moving supplies. Create a moving checklist with specific tasks to complete each day. Also, create a list of tasks for your kids to help with every day. Having order and a clearly defined schedule can help reduce the stress of moving.

Make a Moving Week Plan

Sit down with your kids and plan every detail of the last week before your move. Have them help pick out your family meals. Create packing schedules to cut back on last-minute stress. Plan out who will be riding safely in which car to your new home.


Encourage Questions

Your child may not fully understand the moving process. Give them a chance to ask questions. It will help them to understand what is happening. Give them honest answers to help them feel at ease. They might wonder how they can keep in touch with friends.


Give Them Small Tasks

Letting your children be a part of the process can help them be more comfortable with the experience. Give your kids small tasks like packing their toys, decorating boxes, or distracting the pets. Making them feel a part of the process can help them deal with the stress of moving.

Make the Experience Fun

If your children are old enough, come up with fun packing games. Not only can this make the process fun, but it will save you time in the long run. If your children are too young to help, have them decorate the boxes with fun stickers or crayons to help color code the boxes. Even something as simple as pairing socks can save you a great deal of time.

De-clutter Your Space

Kids tend to accumulate a lot of things. Moving is the best time to get rid of items you no longer need. Items like broken crayons, old clothing that no longer fit, and old toys are things you don’t want to move. By selling or donating your belongings, you can save time and money.

Utilize Kid-Free Time

Nothing is more stressful than packing all of your belongings into boxes while managing the household. You can turn naptime or school time into packing time. You can get more packing done when your kids are at school.

Have a Moving Day Surprise

Consider getting your child a new stuffed animal or toy and giving it to them on moving day. A surprise can help brighten up a stressful day. The gift should keep them busy during moving day while you help with the last-minute packing.

Keep to a Family Routine

Just because you are moving to a new environment means you should change your daily routines. For example, if you have family taco night, keep to that routine while you have to settle into your new place. Sticking to your family’s routines can make moving a little more manageable for your kids.

Stay Positive

Do your best to keep a positive attitude during the moving process. Keeping a positive mindset is especially important while settling into your new home. Your kids are likely to be experiencing a certain level of anxiety, so a positive attitude may help them deal with the stress they are feeling.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is when your family moves, your kids may need some additional support. Listening to them and offering them help will reduce their stress and let them settle into your new home. 

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