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Things People Forget When Moving

Common Forgotten Things During A Move

Being organized is key to reducing the stress of moving from your current home to a new one. When preparing to move and getting things in order, your belongings can occasionally be misplaced or forgotten altogether. Amidst all the chaos, you must not forget the critical things you will need in your new home. 

At Lile Relocation Services, we want to keep you well-prepared during your move so that you don’t leave anything important behind. With our 60 years of experience moving customers, we have heard the horror stories of individuals forgetting essential items at their old place. Below is a list of the top things people forget when moving.

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Top Things People Forget When Moving 



Jewelry and other valuable items are often forgotten because they may be in well-hidden areas. Make sure to pack all your valuable and expensive items together. And remember to take them with you to your new home, don’t pack and transport them on the moving truck. 

Personal Records | Important Documents 

Fortunately, most of your banking, financial, and important tax documents are securely in digital form. But make sure you pack all hard-copy documents like birth certificates, passports, and social security cards. Put them in a special folder and carry them with you during your move. 

Phone Chargers and Other Plug-ins

One of the top things people forget to pack is phone chargers or other electronic plug-in cords. Make sure to remove any items plugged into outlets in your old place. Chargers, especially, are essential. You don’t want to have to buy an expensive replacement as soon as you move into your new home. 


Another top thing people forget when moving is keys. Many different kinds of keys can be left behind during the moving process. This can include old/new house keys, car keys, safe keys, etc. Forgetting your keys can cause significant difficulties, later on, so organize and take them with you on the day of the move. 


These are often left in cabinets or closets. Medications are important and can be expensive to replace. Furthermore, it could be detrimental to your health if you forget them. Make sure you pack them and take them with you.

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Packing tips for your upcoming move


Make sure to collect all your tools and pack them in a toolbox or something easy to carry and manage. This includes indoor and outdoor tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, nails, etc. 

Mail and Bills

Another common thing people forget when moving is to change their mailing address. Failing to do so will result in your mail and important bills being sent to your old address. 

Toilet Paper and Toiletries

Another thing people forget when moving is to pack items from the bathroom. You will want everything you need to use the bathroom during the move. Having toilet paper, towels, and other toiletries easily accessible after a long day of moving can help reduce stress during the move. 

Plants and Outdoor Decorations

Plants are another thing people forget when moving. Plan early on how to get your plants to your new home. Additionally, don’t forget your outdoor decorations like yard art, water fountains, and other items. Moving items like these may require special planning. 

Small Kitchen Appliances

When moving, microwaves, coffee pots, and other small kitchen items are sometimes forgotten. Microwaves are often considered part of the kitchen, which is why they get left behind. Coffee makers are important to remember to pack because how else will you wake up in the morning at your new home? 

Ultimately, these are all important reminders to help reduce stress on moving day. We hope that reading this article will help you remember commonly forgotten things during your move. Even when working with professional movers like Lile, you want to ensure that every item you need is being moved to your new home. So when you are ready to move, remember the ten things people forget when moving to make your move as stress-free as possible. 

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