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Vancouver Clinic Columbia Palisades
Vancouver, WA

Adam S.VP Business Development
Ross & Baruzzini/Mitchell Planning
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The Lile team did an outstanding job on the Vancouver Clinic Columbia Palisades project. Specifically, their team was professional and instrumental in preparing the project. Working in today's world with COVID-19 can be difficult but the Lile team went above and beyond to ensure all COVID protocols were followed and helped deliver a quality project for the Vancouver Clinic.

Success Stories: Vancouver Clinic Columbia Palisades

Job Scope:
  • Lile received and stored approximately 75 pallets of hospital supplies and equipment. 
  • We assembled the equipment before transport to the clinic job site. 
  • The Lile crews loaded, protected, and transported all the medical equipment and supplies to the Vancouver Clinic Columbia Palisades job site.
  • Lile unloaded and placed all the medical supplies and equipment. Then, we removed all debris for disposal after the work was complete.
Work Summary:

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical supplies and equipment shipped early to avoid possible hold-ups were necessary. For this reason, Lile made extra warehouse space available to accommodate the early arrival of their equipment. The day before the scheduled delivery, the wildfires in southern Oregon and Washington State took full force. The Lile crew was able to work through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Also, the Lile crew had to endure the heavy smoke from the wildfires throughout this project. Ultimately, Lile accomplished the delivery and installation in less time than the original plan. Therefore, the Vancouver Clinic was thrilled with Lile’s part of the project.
We are excited to have the Vancouver Clinic as one of our commercial moving success stories.

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