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6 Reasons To Move In The Fall

Benefits of Moving During the Fall

Fall is an excellent time for being wowed by outdoor scenery, spending more time outside in cooler temperatures, and pumpkin spice everything! Fall is also a great season to consider when you are looking at moving your home.  

A moving company’s busiest season is usually the summer. When hiring a moving company in the summer, you could pay higher prices for your move. 

But what is the best time to move? Fall may be the answer when you plan your move. 

Here are six reasons to move in the Fall


The peak season has passed. 

About 80% of moves occur between April and early September, making Fall the off-season for most moving companies. Customers now have more flexibility in choosing their moving date.

Better weather

Temperatures in the Fall are usually milder and more pleasant, meaning you’re not moving in the summer heat or a snowstorm in the winter.  

More affordable

We all know that summer is the busiest moving season, so demand and prices are much higher at that time. On the other hand, Fall for moving companies is the slow season. Therefore, you can take advantage of better rates and far less demand.

Less competition

You need to book well in advance to schedule a moving date in the summer. You might not get the date or time you had hoped. This can create difficulties in your schedule or require you to alter your plans. In the fall, you have more choices and greater flexibility. You can usually get the date and time you prefer with less competition.  

Higher Productivity

With cooler temperatures in the fall, you’ll also have higher productivity. Moving in the summer when it’s hot and humid outside will drain your energy and slow down your productivity. And moving in the winter when you are preparing for the excitement of the holidays can also take the energy you need for packing and planning a move. 

Home for the holidays

If you move in October or early November, you can be settled in your home in time for the holiday season. You can show off your new home to your family and friends over the holidays.

Reasons to Move in the Fall Final Word:

Plan your move ahead of time, make a plan and get moving at least three estimates if you plan to hire a professional moving company. Planning a Fall move means more moving company options and could make the difference between chaos and a stress-free move.

Are you planning a move this Fall?

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