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Reasons to Live in Medford

The Essential Guide on Moving to Medford.

Medford is a city in Jackson County, Oregon. It sits in the heart of southern Oregon, about 27 miles north of the California border. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the population of the Medford metro area is 223,259, making it the fourth largest metro area in Oregon. The city was named in 1883 by David Loring, a civil engineer and right-of-way agent for the Oregon and California Railroad. Today, Medford is known as a global destination for wine lovers, and its proximity to everything the outdoors offers, including the fantastic views of Crater Lake. Do you want to know the inside scoop on the best reasons to move to or live in Medford? Check out our reasons for living in Medford below.

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Reasons to live in Medford. The Rogue River

The Great Outdoors

One of the top reasons to live in Medford is its access to world-class outdoor adventures. The Rogue River Valley is known for its fishing, hiking, skiing, and rafting, which annually draws people to the region. The Rogue River is one of the valley’s most stunning features. The movie “A River Wild” was filmed on the Rogue in 1992. Great outdoor activities surround the Medford area. There is an outdoor adventure for everyone, from the dunes to the east to the coastal forests and beaches. 

Crater Lake

Speaking of the great outdoors. Less than an hour from Medford are the stunning views of Crater Lake. Discover the breathtaking cliffs and deep waters of these bucket list destinations. Crater Lake was formed by the collapse of Mount Mazama between 6,000 to 8,000 years ago. As a result of the collapse, the lake has a depth of 1,949 feet, making it the deepest in the United States. The lake and surrounding park areas offer many outdoor recreational activities, including biking, hiking, snowshoeing, fishing, and cross-country skiing. Campgrounds and lodges at Crater Lake are open to visitors during the summer. 
Crater Lake

Nice Weather

Medford may be in the Pacific Northwest, known for its rainfall. But, since it’s located in southern Oregon close to the California border, it doesn’t even crack the Top 10 list for yearly rainfall in the United States. The cloudy, rainy weather stays near the Oregon coast, so the sun and heat are what to expect when living in or moving to Medford

No Sales Tax in Oregon

The sales tax is 0% in Oregon. Instead, the state places a higher tax rate on personal income to generate revenue. Additionally, the state levies vehicle use taxes on out-of-state residents who bring their vehicles into the state. Before a title and registration is issued, you must pay a tax. It is possible in some areas to be subject to a county tax, but most Oregonians usually pay the same price you see on the shelf.

Breweries and Wineries

There are several great breweries and wineries in Medford and throughout the Rogue Valley. Peter Britt opened Oregon’s first official winery in Southern Oregon in the late 1800s. Currently, a local favorite is The RoxyAnn Winery, known throughout the area for its large and beautiful tasting room renovated from an old barn. 

Cheese with Your Wine

If you love cheese, Medford is the place for you. Rogue Creamery started as a small cheesemaker in Southern Oregon and was recently the world champion of cheese. In 2019, The Rogue Creamery was awarded the “World’s Best Cheese” at the Cheese awards in Bergamo, Italy. They won the award after judges tasted 3,800 different types of cheese from 42 countries. 

Moving to Medford, Oregon? 

If you are moving to Medford, you can be confident you are moving to a city you will love.

Here are some key facts and statistics about living in Medford, Oregon:

  • Population: 223,259 (2020 census) – Medford metro-area 
  • Median Age: 37.1 years
  • People Per Household: 2.47
  • Cost of Living Overall Index: 102.3
  • Median Home Value: $359,400
  • Median Household Income: $42,366
  • Median Monthly Rent: $1,113 per month


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