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Reasons to Hire Commercial Movers

5 Reasons to Hire Commercial Movers

Are you ready to move your business? If you plan on relocating to a new location or within the same building, you will want to ensure your company’s assets are handled efficiently and carefully. Whether you are moving your multi-office facility, warehouse, or retail store, the help of a professional commercial moving company is invaluable. Read on to learn the reasons to hire commercial movers and why they can save your business time and money during your business move.  

Get Back to Business

Moving your company’s expensive equipment, furniture, and other assets can cause severe disruption to your everyday business productivity. And prolonged downtime is something your business can’t afford. One of the biggest reasons to hire commercial movers is they will have the expertise and experience necessary to relocate your company swiftly with little to no downtime. Lile’s commercial moving team has years of experience and training that allows us to handle any move quickly and efficiently. 

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Proper Commercial Moving Equipment

When you hire a commercial mover, you can be sure knowing somebody will take care of your business during the project. A commercial moving company will have the experience and equipment your business needs to handle and transport all your expensive electronics, equipment, bulky furniture, and much more. 

At Lile, we train our commercial movers on proper moving techniques for oversized furniture and office equipment. We want our movers to handle your assets with care. Additionally, we have the equipment to move your efficiently to minimize your downtime so your business can be back up and running in no time. 

Less Stress on Your Employees

Your team is good at what they do. But you didn’t hire them to move expensive office equipment and furniture down several flights of stairs. One of the benefits of hiring commercial movers is this it can allow your employees to focus on their work rather than worrying about moving. Additionally, hiring the right commercial moving company with the proper resources will ensure that the transition goes smoothly and stress-free for everyone at your business.

Commercial Movers are Licensed and Insured

Your business’s expensive and delicate office equipment is essential to your services. Most commercial buildings require your business to have insurance coverage against damages and that the movers carry Worker’s Compensation. Another benefit of hiring commercial movers is they carry a moving license and insurance to handle commercial moving projects. Check with the movers and the building management for any specific insurance requirements.
Lile mover using moving equipment to take a copier up a flight of stairs.

Save Your Business Time and Money 

One of the biggest reasons to hire commercial movers is to help save your business money. Hiring a moving company is the best option since it causes the least disruption to your business. Furthermore, you don’t have to rent or buy moving equipment and have your employees operate equipment they have no training on using correctly. 

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Since 1959, Lile has been providing commercial moving services to businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Our professional commercial moving team has the experience and expertise for all types of companies. From small office buildings to large manufacturing facilities we have the experience to move your business. Lile ensures the highest quality customer service and care. 

Contact Lile at 888-507-6304 or fill out our commercial services quote form to set up your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION walkthrough with one of our professional moving consultants. 

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