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Office Moving Tips

Your Guide to a Smooth Office Move

Moving an office can be a complicated, time-consuming, and potentially expensive journey into an unknown world. If you’re preparing for office relocation, your main goal will be minimal disruption during the relocation process. Therefore planning, preparation, and communication are the key to a successful office move. Organization and having an office moving checklist to follow before moving can be a big help. 

Making office moving less stressful is why we created an Office Moving Checklist. The list is simple, practical and takes you through the steps of a successful office move. Here are some office moving tips for your upcoming relocation.

Key Date Notes:

  • Termination date (or break date) of the existing lease
  • Notification date and method of current Landlord
  • Required date to be in the new office
  • The target date for finding a new office
  • The completion date of lease negotiations for the new office
  • Commencement & completion dates for build-out of new office

Office Move Strategy:

  • Select suitable and competent Office Moving Project Lead
  • Internal decision-makers decide on key drivers & major requirements of new office
  • Support from internal departments (Sales, Marketing, HR, IT, Finance)
  • Develop and communicate the Moving Plan to staff

Develop Moving Office Brief:

  • Establish current and projected staff levels
  • Set up critical operational areas (meetings rooms, reception, kitchen)
  • Establish the required square footage of the new office
  • Agree on type & style of new office
  • Determine the type and length of lease required
  • Develop Moving Office Budget

Selection of New Premises Notes:

  • Interview and appoint a Tenant Rep Broker
  • Establish a shortlist of suitable properties
  • Visit and evaluate each property
  • Review cost analysis of preferred options
  • Examine the viability of space plans for each option
  • Identify target office(s)

Legal Considerations:

  • Interview and appoint a Commercial Real Estate Attorney
  • Review exit strategy of the current lease
  • Understand restrictions, liabilities, and obligations within the existing lease
  • Negotiate the deal of the lease documentation on the new office property
  • Ensure commercial interests are safeguarded and included in the lease

Space Planning, Office Design & Build Out:

  • Develop initial space plans and concepts for new office
  • Discuss & agree on design ideas and layout of the new office
  • Get detailed design, specification, costing & timings estimates
  • Appoint General Contractor and sign off on design plans & budget

IT & Telecoms Notes:

  • Discuss your technology requirements with IT
  • Establish IT infrastructure in the new office
  • Inventory all equipment and audit future requirements
  • Determine internet and computer network requirements
  • Identify equipment needing upgrading or replacing
  • Determine if cost savings and efficiencies can be achieved through reviewing or switching
    service providers
  • Determine a suitable test plan for all equipment at the new office before move day
  • Identify server requirements and location (on or off-site)
  • Create IT Test Plan to ensure your network is fully operational

The Physical Move:

Corporate Considerations Notes:

  • Ensure all marketing collateral is updated
  • Organize mail redirection service
  • Organize phone and fax redirection
  • Communicate move to staff, customers, suppliers, and vendors
  • Update/renew service agreements, licenses, insurance, equipment leases
  • Launch PR initiatives

After the Move:

  • Create a list of damages incurred to any equipment or adjustments needed to any office facilities.
  • Submit a list to appropriate suppliers and arrange for work to be carried out.
  • Hold an Opening Party at the new office with staff and clients
  • Implement any training on new IT and phone systems 
Use this office moving checklist to help reduce the stress of planning an office move. Lile is a professional office moving company with over 60 years in the commercial moving and relocation business. 
Contact us at 888-507-6304 or fill out our online commercial services quote form. And a Lile commercial relocation consultant will get back to you to schedule a project walkthrough. 

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