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Office Moving Do’s and Don’ts

Office Moving Tips from the Experts!

Things to Do for Your Office Move:

  • Develop a detailed furniture placement plan for your new location.
  • Conduct an employee move orientation.
  • Organize several clean-up days during the month before moving. Lile can arrange to have disposal bins delivered to your space for recycling and shredding.
  • Double-check the actual room measurements against your architectural drawings.
  • Assign packing responsibilities for all common areas to one person and have that person enlist volunteers.
  • Ask someone to gather all pictures, whiteboards, etc., into one central location before the movers arrive. 
  • All items that will fit into a “Tyga-Box” should be packed in one. This speeds up the move, reduces damage, and minimizes unnecessary handling.
  • Ask your staff to remove their personal belongings one week before the move and bring them back one week following the move. 
  • Reserve the best possible access for your move. This includes notifying building management of the exclusive use of the elevator, access to your space, and clearance for parking the moving vans.
  • Keep the major pathways in your office clear before, during, and after moving.
  • Make a list of all the key contacts and distribute it to everyone on your moving team, including vendors.
  • Post move codes, directional signs, and floor plans at all locations in the new space.
  • Assign at least one move coordinator for each location.
  • Before releasing the moving crew, conduct a thorough walk-through at origin and destination.
  • Make a written list of follow-up items during and after the move to help you prioritize the workload.
  • Arrange for a pick-up of supplies two days following the move. 

Things Not to Do for Your Office Move: 

  • Attempt to move if your space is not ready
  • Pack too early or allow too much time for your staff to pack. It should take one to three hours for a person to pack their work area. 
  • Move items in half full, broken, or crushed cartons
  • Allow anyone on-site during the move unless they have a specific purpose for being there.
  • Expect the movers to monitor who enters and exits your office. The mover will not know who should or should not be in your space.
  • Make any furnishings or space plan changes for at least two weeks after the move.
  • Move outdated furniture or equipment to the new space. It does not pay to move trash.
  • Accept any new deliveries the week before moving if you can avoid it. 

Contact us at 888-507-6304 to set up an on-site or virtual walk-through to get a budgetary figure for your upcoming project. We have the experience and expertise you need to complete your office moving project on time and within budget. 


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