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Office Design Checklist

The Essential Office Design Checklist

So you have decided to move your business. Now you are faced with the challenge of designing a brand new office space. While it may seem like an overwhelming task, creating an office can be an exciting opportunity to change the look and feel of the workspace, maximize the new floor plan, and update your decor. Here is our office design checklist to help you create an office design that your company can be proud of.

Determine the size of your space.

How much space do you need? Always factor in and project business growth. You don’t want to move into a space and have to move out not long after signing a lease. Determine if you will need space for conference rooms, how many workstations, multiple copy stations, or a kitchen in the break room. Early in the process, talk with a space planner, management, and employees to discover how the new design can improve their work environment. 

Choose a paint color and carpet style, but choose wisely.

Choosing paint sounds like a simple task, but paint is a crucial ingredient in any office design. Take a walk around your office that best fits the space. Remember, glossy colors can reflect light, causing an increase in potential eye strain. Neutral colors tend to work better as absorbing light. Choose a shade that best accentuates your office design assets. As for the carpet, it can reduce noise and add to the comfort level of your space. Pair it with the colors you choose for the walls. 

Furnish your space.

Now that you have picked a wall color and added a stylish carpet design, it’s time to add furniture to your office space. What type of furniture do you need? Long hours can be spent in an office, so comfort is vital. Separate work areas or lounge space so employees can collaborate together is key to a modern workspace. Comfortable ergonomically designed chairs are essential to have at everyone’s workstation. Modular office workstations allow you to easily transform your office space from private offices to an open workspace when the need fits. 

Plan for plenty of storage.

Another critical component of a modern workspace is plenty of storage. Investing in storage cubes and cubbies is an excellent way to give employees a place to store personal items. It also can keep your office organized and clutter-free. 

Let the light in.

Now that the furniture is picked out and the common areas are decked out. It’s time to light the natural light to illuminate your space. Natural light has invaluable benefits for mental health and mood within an office space. Large windows are pretty standard in many office buildings and a solution to flooding your space with natural light. 

Dress up your walls. 

Art, framed photography, and wall decor can significantly enhance your office space design. Have wall art that is inviting to employees and customers when they walk through your business’s doors. 

Add some greenery. 

Plants and flowers are always a good idea. They give immediate life to office space; plants can add a pop of color. Plants can make your office environment more inviting to everyone entering your office space.

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