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Multnomah County Cities: A Comprehensive Guide

Exploring Multnomah County: A Complete Guide to Its Cities

Multnomah County, located in the picturesque Pacific Northwest region of Oregon, is home to various cities offering unique characteristics and living experiences. Whether you’re seeking an urban center’s bustling energy or a smaller community’s peaceful ambiance, Multnomah County has something to offer. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide to the nine cities and one unincorporated area within Multnomah County, including population figures, demographic information, and essential details to help you decide which city might be right for you.


Portland, the largest city in Oregon and Multnomah County, is known for its progressive values, vibrant arts scene, and a strong emphasis on sustainability. With diverse neighborhoods like the Pearl District and Alberta Arts District, Portland offers a rich mix of cultural attractions, parks, and gourmet food options. Its demographic is diverse, with a median age of 37 and a mix of young professionals, families, and retirees. 

  • Portland Population: 652,503
  • Portland Median Age: 37 years old
  • Portland Median Household Income: $71,005
  • Portland Median House Price: $412,000

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The skyline of downtown Portland, Oregon. A city in Multnomah County, Oregon.


Gresham is the second-largest city in the county, offering a suburban lifestyle with urban conveniences. It is known for its scenic beauty, including views of Mount Hood and access to the Columbia River Gorge. The city’s population is diverse, with many families and a growing younger demographic attracted by affordable housing and outdoor activities.

  • Gresham Population: 110,042
  • Gresham Median Age: 37 years old
  • Gresham Median Household Income: $54,084
  • Gresham Median House Price: $287,900

Lake Oswego

The city of Lake Oswego was established in 1847 and is about 9 miles south of downtown Portland. Ranked among the best cities in Multnomah County, it is known for its Oswego Lake, scenic views, and outdoor recreational activities at places like Millennium Plaza Park. Lake Oswego has one of the lowest crime rates in the state and is third among the safest cities in Oregon.

  • Lake Oswego Population: 39,127
  • Lake Oswego Median Age: 47 years old
  • Lake Oswego Median Household Income: $108,927
  • Lake Oswego Median House Price: $637,200
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Next on the list of Multnomah County cities is the pleasant community of Milwaukie, which is about 8 miles southeast of Portland. Since it was founded in 1903, Milwaukie jobs have popped up over the years with employers like Bob’s Red Mill, Marquis Companies, BenefitHelp Solutions, and Dark Horse Comics. Residents living in Milwaukie appreciate the city’s quiet and family-friendly culture. Milwaukie offers plenty of fun things to do at places like Ardenwald Park and Davis Graveyard, where people can learn how to make fun Halloween costumes and props.

  • Milwaukie Population: 21,009
  • Milwaukie Median Age: 40 years old
  • Milwaukie Median Household Income: $76,598
  • Milwaukie Median House Price: $323,500


Troutdale is often called the “Gateway to the Gorge” due to its location near the Columbia River Gorge. It boasts a charming historic downtown area, numerous parks, and easy access to outdoor activities. Troutdale attracts a diverse population, including young families and retirees seeking a quieter lifestyle with convenient access to Portland.

  • Troutdale Population: 16,278
  • Troutdale Median Age: 40 years old
  • Troutdale Median Household Income: $76,598
  • Troutdale Median House Price: $309,600


Fairview is a small, close-knit community known for its friendly atmosphere and outdoor recreational opportunities. The city features Fairview Lake and Blue Lake Regional Park, making it ideal for families and nature enthusiasts. The population is predominantly residential, with a family-oriented demographic. While it predominantly consists of residential neighborhoods, Fairview is also known as a farming community that produces berries from local companies like Townsend Farms. 

  • Fairview Population: 10,695
  • Fairview Median Age: 40 years old
  • Fairview Median Household Income: $68,259
  • Fairview Median Home Price: $294,800
Why Move to Oregon? Mount Hood and other outdoor adventures await.

West Haven-Sylvan

West Haven-Sylvan is a small place west of downtown Portland and was established in 1890 by Nathan B. Jones with the ambitious goal of becoming Oregon’s new capital. Although it did not achieve this status, West Haven-Sylvan is still regarded as one of the top places to live in Multnomah County. The name “Sylvan” is derived from Silvanus, the Roman god of the woods, reflecting the area’s natural beauty. Known for its affluent community, beautiful homes, and comfortable amenities, West Haven-Sylvan features notable attractions such as the Roger Tilbury Memorial Park and Cornell Farm.

  • West Haven-Sylvan Population: 8,888
  • West Haven-Sylvan Median Age: 38 years old
  • West Haven-Sylvan Median Household Income: $100,095
  • West Haven-Sylvan Median Home Price: $527,000

Wood Village

Wood Village is a small city known for its community spirit and high quality of life. It is undergoing significant development to improve its residential and commercial areas. The population is predominantly families, and young professionals drawn to its affordable living and close-knit community feel.

  • Wood Village Population: 4,023
  • Wood Village Median Age: 31 years old
  • Wood Village Median Household Income: $56,905
  • Wood Village Median Home Price: $122,600

Maywood Park

Maywood Park is a unique enclave surrounded by Portland. Despite its small size, it maintains a distinct identity with a strong sense of community. The demographic here is diverse, with a range of ages and a strong emphasis on maintaining the neighborhood’s residential charm.

  • Maywood Park Population: 945
  • Maywood Park Median Age: 40 years old
  • Marywood Park Median Household Income: $99,750
  • Marywood Park Median Home Price: $370,300


Corbett, while unincorporated, offers stunning landscapes and a rural lifestyle. Located near the Columbia River Gorge, it is ideal for those who prefer living close to nature. The community is small, with many long-term residents and families enjoying a quieter, more rural environment.

  • Corbett Population: unincorporated 

FAQs About Multnomah County Cities

How many cities are in Multnomah County? 

Multnomah County has eight cities and 13 unincorporated communities, such as Corbett, Bridell Veil, and Dunthorpe.

What is the most populous city in Multnomah County? 

Portland is the most populous city in Multnomah County, with a population of over 650,000.

Which city is right for you? 

Choosing the right city depends on your lifestyle preferences. Portland is ideal if you seek vibrant urban living with diverse cultural experiences. For a suburban feel with outdoor access, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, or Troutdale might suit you. Smaller communities like Fairview, Wood Village, or Maywood Park offer tight-knit atmospheres, while unincorporated areas like Corbett provide rural tranquility.

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