Lile's Green Moving Commitment

Moving Green

We understand the impact that we have on our environment and need to protect it through sustainable practices. We are committed to developing and implementing sustainable procedures and operational practices within our organization. We make every effort to promote sustainability within our offices and Moving Green in our local communities. We have researched the cost-saving benefits of “Green” procedures on both a short-term and long-term basis. We have found that our efforts in purchasing recycled materials, waste prevention, and energy reduction save money for both the customer and the company as a whole. To maximize energy efficiency, our headquarters in Tigard, Oregon was built in compliance with Energy Trust of Oregon’s commercial office building recommendations. We currently are retrofitting our Oregon facilities and warehouses for energy-efficient lighting and HVAC equipment. Specifically, at our Eugene branch, we recently constructed a 32,000 sq. ft. state–of-the-art warehouse using low voltage motion sensor lighting and reduced electrical usage by over 50% in Eugene’s existing warehouse by retrofitting it with low voltage fluorescent lighting. Additional actions we have taken to support our sustainability efforts include the following:

Recycled Purchasing: Lile is committed to purchasing recycled and post-consumer products materials such as:

  • Corrugated containers – 8%-55% recycled fibers
  • 20% recycled-content business envelopes
  • 10% recycled-content paper
  • 10% recycled-content file folders
  • 100% recycled toilet tissue

Waste Prevention:

  • Reusing cardboard boxes and packaging materials
  • Reusing office supplies such as envelopes, file folders, and hanging folders
  • Eliminating disposable cups in favor of mugs and reusable cups
  • Using recycled paper, folders, and office supplies whenever possible
  • Recycling paper and plastic in each of our 10 locations

Additional Efforts:

  • Drivers and staff utilize electronic toll passes
  • Water dispensers vs. bottled water in our offices
  • Print documents double-sided
  • Donate unwanted items to non-profits and homeless shelters
  • Monitor air, heating, and lighting
  • Electronic dispatch to save materials

Green Moving Solutions and Equipment Recycling: To reduce the carbon footprint created by cardboard moving supplies on our household moves. Lile has partnered with Karmaboxx, a Seattle-based moving supply service that offers convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly alternatives to cardboard moving supplies. You order online, Karmaboxx delivers your moving supplies and boxes, Lile handles your move, and Karmaboxx will come to your new home to pick everything up. Karmaboxx’s moving boxes are made of 100% recycled material and used an average of 400 times. Karmaboxx is committed to its local communities and donates 2% of its gross sales to Northwest Harvest. Visit for more information. For Office and Business moves, we offer E-Crates (Environment Crates), an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional boxes. E-Crates are durable plastic containers that are stackable and feature an integrated dolly system. Using E-crates* provides 27%-40% labor savings due to time efficiencies. E-crates are up to 33% larger than most corrugated boxes. Reducing the number of boxes required and decreases environmental waste. Lile also has partnered with American Electronics Recycling to provide customers with options for recycling unused equipment. Lile International offers free used boxes to our interstate move customers. All moves are eligible to participate in our Electronics Recycling Program. We donate unwanted household goods through our partnership with Donor’s Resource, a local, woman-owned non-profit organization that connects people with unwanted items with non-profit organizations that need them.

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