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Developing an Office Moving Plan

Office moving involves more than just filling out a change of address form and moving some desks. Relocating a business needs to be carefully planned and executed to make your transition seamless. Designing an office moving plan involves the prevention of losing operations, coordinating the storage of documentation, and the transfer and start-up of your high-tech equipment. We know how challenging a commercial relocation can be. Read more about how to develop an office migration plan, so your business can ensure a seamless transition into your new office space.  

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Designing an Office Moving Plan

Who Should Organize Your Company Move?

Even though the decision to move your corporate offices is made at the highest levels of your company, the task usually falls on someone in middle management. So, the person managing your office move can execute the project and deal with any issues that may arise. The moving company you are working with should designate a project manager or moving coordinator who will work closely with your company’s assigned relocation project lead. Together they will manage the project according to a relocation plan that will meet the needs and requirements of the company.

Tips to Follow When Developing an Office Relocation Plan

  • Assemble a relocation planning team. This small team will create your company’s office relocation plan. Additionally, choose someone to be the leader of the project. The leader will serve as the in-office moving coordinator. In addition to leading the team, they should have good organizational skills and be ready to make any critical project decisions. 
  • Determine key dates. The key dates you should determine are your preferred move date, new office installation build-out start and finish dates, and the final date for completing the move.
  • Create a relocation budget. When creating a relocation budget, there are many things to consider, so having a budget in place will prevent overspending. The office relocation team should determine spending limits for hiring vendors needed for the office move. Include everything from IT infrastructure to commercial storage in your budget.
  • Create a floor plan for your new office. Before finalizing your lease, conduct a site survey to familiarize yourself with the floor layout of your new office space. Ideally, during this visit, you want to determine the location of ethernet connections, electrical outlets, and common areas. Consequently, this visit will help you choose the position of desks, furniture, and office equipment. Your top priority should be determining where to place large office equipment and mark it on a floor plan. Coordinating where your office assets will go before moving day can prevent unwanted stress.
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More Tips for Developing an Office Relocation Plan


  • Hire a professional moving company. Before creating your relocation project plan, the project team should decide if you need to use a full-service moving company. A full-service mover will handle all the physical moving details for you. Furthermore, a professional moving company will assign your project to a move coordinator. They will help your relocation team develop an office moving plan that fits your needs and requirements for a successful moving migration project.  
  • Set project goals. Create a checklist of project tasks and dates. Setting goals will help you determine what you are trying to achieve during your relocation project. 
  • Organize your files. An office relocation project is a great time to declutter your old files. You can purge unnecessary files and move paper records over to digital. You could also consider moving files and documents to an offsite storage facility.

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If you’re planning to move your company and need office movers, Lile Relocation Services can help. We are a professional office moving company with over 60 years in the business. Our menu of office relocation and commercial storage services can be customized to fit your relocation project requirements. Lile can be your go-to office migration service provider. 

Contact us at 888-507-6304 or fill out our online quote form to set up a NO-COST project walkthrough. Our professional office moving consultants will help you customize a relocation plan to meet your company’s needs and requirements for your upcoming office move.

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Office Moving Tips

Moving an office can be a complicated, time-consuming, and potentially expensive journey into an unknown world. For this reason, we created this list of Office Relocation tips.

Office Moving Timeline

Lile is here to help your business move go smoothly and efficiently. There we created an office moving timeline to help you prepare for your upcoming move.

Green Moving Commitment

How E-crates can save you money? They are durable, stackable, re-useable, and space-saving. Hence, you should ask about E-crates for your next office move.

Commercial Moving FAQs

We provide moving services any day and at any time. With this in mind, the moving services you require depend on your office relocation requirements.

It’s never too early to start planning for your office relocation. You should establish space requirements, furniture needs, data modifications, not to mention budgeting for all your relocation needs. For this reason, you should start early to prepare for your office move.

We can handle moves of any size, including offices, warehouses, medical facilities, manufacturing sites. 

We offer complete packing and unpacking services. Our office movers are professionally trained for any type of commercial relocation It all depends on what you need for your office move.

We carry comprehensive building liability coverage for all moves. Furthermore, we also can provide in-transit cargo coverage for the total value of your items, but first, check with your own risk management provider. After all, you may be covered on your policy.

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