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When you’re looking for help on planning a move or if you’re looking for some professional tips on where to find the best moving boxes, you’ll find it here on our blog. For our residential customers, we provide a list of common industry terms, how to avoid rogue moving companies, ways to save money when moving, and other helpful ideas to help make your move go as smooth as possible. For our commercial customers, we provide an office moving timeline, helpful office moving tips and check out our past commercial moving success stories. 

Success Stories: Vancouver Clinic

This article is about Lile Relocation Services success stories from working with companies like the Vancouver Clinic. We received in and stored hospital supplies and equipment for them at our Vancouver warehouse.

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Tips For Moving With Kids

Moving is a life-changing event for anyone, but it can be particularly overwhelming for children. As a parent, you want your child to get through your family’s move as easily as possible. Staying put may not be an option, but there’s a lot that you can do to make the experience easier on your kid. Keep this advice in mind for before, during and after your upcoming move.

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Moving Estimates

There are two important things to understand about your upcoming interstate move: the types of estimates offered and the mover’s liability in the event of loss or damage to your belongings. Lile Relocation Services provides moving quotes you can trust. Our personalized moving estimates are based on your individual moving needs. This allows you to know you are getting a fair price.

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Success Stories: Warn

This article is about Lile Relocation Services commercial success stories. It features our work with Warn Automotive. Not only can we provide with top of the line office moving services, but we can help you with all your warehousing and product distribution needs.

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Tips to Reduce Moving Stress

It’s a well-known secret that moving house can be an extremely stress-filled transitional period in one’s life.

Everyone who has moved before, knows that moving can be an extremely stressful time in your life. But what if your move doesn’t have to be so stressful. We have created a list that can help reduce the stress of moving.

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Home Moving Timeline

Every move is different, and we understand this isn’t possible for everyone in every circumstance.

But if at all possible, you should start planning your move at least two months ahead of the date you would like to actually move. Plan to begin your first moving-related tasks eight weeks prior to your move date.

Here is a bi-weekly timeline to help you prepare and organize you through the entire moving process.

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Success Stories: Normandy Park

Lile Relocation Services success stories from companies (Normandy Park AC) that we have worked with. When preparing for your office move you want professionals that can help you every step of the process.

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Office Build Out Checklist

An effective Office Build Out transforms an empty, dull space into a productive and inspiring working environment. It utilizes the space to make it as efficient as possible, while creating that unique look to promote your corporate identity.

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What Is FF&E?

What is FF&E? This is a commonly used acronym that refers to furniture, fixtures, and equipment. These are the assets that are contained inside of a commercial building that is not part of the building itself. These assets are not part of the building but have a tangible value and are used in the day-to-day operation of a business.

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