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When you’re looking for help on planning a move or if you’re looking for some professional tips on where to find the best moving boxes, you’ll find it here on our blog. For our residential customers, we provide a list of common industry terms, how to avoid rogue moving companies, ways to save money when moving, and other helpful ideas to help make your move go as smooth as possible. For our commercial customers, we provide an office moving timeline, helpful office moving tips and check out our past commercial moving success stories. 

Reasons to Live in Medford

The Essential Guide on Moving to Medford. Medford is a city in Jackson County, Oregon. It sits in the heart of southern Oregon, about 27 miles north of the California border. According to the

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Success Stories: Wenaha Group

This article is about Lile Relocation Services success stories from working with companies like the Wenaha Group on their office moving project in Sequim, WA. Lile worked with our partner Action-Services to store, deliver, and install the office equipment needed for this project.

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Tips for Moving Elderly Parents

The process of moving an elderly parent can be challenging both from a planning and emotional perspective. Sorting and dividing up a lifetime of possessions is bound to bring up old memories – and if you’re moving a parent, the shift from child to caregiver can feel uncomfortable and even overwhelming.

Whether they’re headed to a retirement community, going into assisted living or moving in with you, it’s important to make their transition as seamless and stress-free as possible. The sooner you begin planning, the less stressful it will be for everyone.

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Moving Day Tips

Congratulations on your new home! Moving into a new house can be an exciting time, but it can also bring its share of challenges if you don’t stay organized. From setting up utility services to making sure everyone received the memo of your new address, there’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to moving.

At Lile, we understand what it takes to coordinate a smooth transition into your new home. We’ve collected a list of last-minute tips and tricks toward making moving day less hectic for you and the entire family.

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Tips For Moving In The Rain

Fall is a great time for pumpkin spice everything and watching the leaves change. But if you need to move in the fall, wet weather can make moving difficult and messy. Here are a few tips we professionals recommend using if you end up moving in the rain.

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How to Unpack After Moving

Getting your belongings to your new home is tough, but unpacking them can be just as daunting. Don’t worry, however. With the right strategy, you can get your house set up in no time.

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Reasons to Hire Commercial Movers

Moving your business from one location to another can be stressful. Especially, when you consider all the expensive equipment and company assets you will need to move. That is why hiring a professional commercial moving company is the best option when moving your business. They have the expertise and experience when it comes to moving businesses and their assets.

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