Money-Saving Moving Tips

Moving? Here are some money-saving tips

How do you save money when it comes to moving? This is one of the top questions you will ask yourself when preparing to move your home. Most homebuyers focus their attention on the new property and tend to overlook other expenses. Here are some money-saving tips that will reduce the costs of your upcoming move. 

  1. Declutter your belongings before you move. Start planning early for your move and decide what belongings you will take with you when you move. Leave enough time to have a garage sale to sell unwanted items or donate the items to a local charity. The fewer items being moved means less weight and/or time which can save you money. 

  2. Arrange for a place for the moving van to park at origin and destination. Parking your car on the street in front of your home can reserve a parking space for the moving van. The closer the truck parks to your home, the less time the move will take. 

  3. Prepare your family and pets for moving day. You may want to consider hiring a babysitter to care for young children. If you have dogs or cats, you may consider having someone watch them during the move. 

  4. Prepare your home for moving day. Get your home ready by tieing back gates, screen doors, or remove doors if required. Keep hallways and doors clear of boxes to allow the moving crew quick access to all parts of your home. 

  5. Disconnect and bundle electronic cords. Disconnect cords on televisions, computers, and home theater equipment. Label the cords to remind yourself what it goes with. Also, tie the cords into bundles. 

  6. Packing your belongings yourself. If you need packers, Lile will be happy to provide you with the service. However, the more you pack, the more money you can save.

  7. Place boxes in stacks. Stack boxes with the heaviest on the bottom and lightest on the top, but no higher than a light switch. Write your last name and contents on the side of each box. 

  8. You can leave clothing in dresser drawers. Generally, night tables, end tables, buffets, cabinets, and desks should be emptied before you move. 

  9. Remove any belongings from your attic. Bring all your belongings down from the attic or up from the basement to save on loading time. 

  10. Carry backyard items to the front of your home. This reduces long carries for the movers and can save on loading time.

  11. Carefully consider your utility shut-off dates. If you don’t schedule a shut-off date, you can end up paying for the following month. There is nothing more frustrating than having to pay utility bills for separate properties. Plan start-up and shut-off dates that match with the day of your move. For example, garbage service should end the moment you move out. Think of each utility service and when you want it to end at the old place or start at the new destination.

  12. Stage items in the garage or somewhere close to the moving van. On moving day, feel free to move anything you can carry yourself to and from the truck. You may not, however, enter the mover’s truck or assist the crew with carrying large furniture.

  13. Pack lamp shades inside a box. Place all lampshades inside a moving box separate from the lamp base. Remember to mark the moving box as “Fragile.”

  14. Consider leaving old and heavy appliances behind. Appliances nearing their lifecycle end may not survive the trip, especially if it is a long-distance move. Moving a washer or fridge that is barely functional, for example, may not be cost-effective. You end up using a lot of effort and space for an appliance that may not get to your destination in working order. Instead, consider replacing the old piece of equipment when you get to the new property.

  15. Get several quotes from professional moving companies. Get quotes from at least three different professional moving companies. Outline your moving needs so the moving company knows what services you will require. This will help you find a moving company that fits your budget. After you receive your quote make sure you understand everything included in the quote. If you don’t understand the moving details ask the moving consultation for clarification. 

The fewer items you have to move, the more money you will save. Start planning early for your move and decide what belongings/equipment you will be taking with you. The fewer the items you have means less weight and/or time to move which in turn, will save you money. 

Moving can be stressful, Lile is here to help make the entire process go smooth and seamless. Our goal is to start you off on the right foot and reduce the stress that comes with moving your home or office. At Lile, we are the LOCAL MOVING PROFESSIONALS that are ready to help you. Get your free moving quote today!!!



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