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Relocating an office building, data center, warehouse, or manufacturing facility can be a challenging assignment. Lile’s Office Moving Services Division provides resources dedicated to office relocation projects. Our office relocation services professionals will work closely with you to understand your needs. Then will chart an effective plan of action.

Our goals are to provide your business with a safe, secure, and efficient relocation, complete your project within budget, and exceed your expectations. Lile is a partner with the Office Moving Alliance (OMA). This nationwide network of commercial relocation companies allows Lile to extend its office moving services to any company in the world. 

Office Moving and Business Relocation Services Resources:

Our office moving experience will provide you with timely and cost-efficient results through services such as:

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Office & Workstation Furniture Installation
Whether you will reuse your systems furniture, purchase new workstations, or use a combination of both, we will assist in planning, timing, dismantling, and re-installation through detailed layouts, electrical and data cabling. We’re not limited in the brands we handle. Our office moving professionals are familiar with a wide range of office furniture systems. We have partnered with Action Services & Programs (ASAP) to become the go-to provider for all of your office relocation services and furniture installation needs.  
Technology Moves

We will work with your IT department on your technical equipment needs. Our technology moving crews are trained to handle computers, servers, and all technical equipment required to run your business. This includes the physical disconnecting and reconnecting of services that enable your staff to devote their energy to more critical functions. Maintaining your business operations with minimal disruption throughout the moving process is our top priority.

Decommissioning, Disposal, and Donation
Our relocation team can fully decommission your previous workspace, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our team will collect the furniture and other assets your company no longer needs and help you recycle, dispose of, or liquidate the furniture. We can even store it in our warehouse, so you have extra time to decide what you want to do with it. 
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